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RegulTech servis, s.r.o. is a supplying and engineering company whose technical and technological equipment and especially significant experience in field of industrial automation, mobile machine control, single-purpose machines production and heavy-current engineering is a guarantee for quality and reliability of all designed and realized custom projects.

The company was founded in 1991 and it’s essential workers and former workers of companies ZPA D.P. and ELEKTROMONT Praha (major companies focusing in industrial automation, instrumentation&control and technological processes engineering).

RegulTech servis s.r.o. was ISO 9001:2001 quality system certified on 2005. Recertification is performed once a year. We are ready to offer complex solution and extensive customer servicing in whole range of closed-loop applications.


In case the customer will decide to renovate actual equipment eventually to install a new technology we are here to offer our service in following fields:

  • Process control design, preparation of project documentation
  • Complete supplies of equipment for measurement and control, including mounting material
  • Assembly work on the „measurement and control“ and „electrical“ facilities
  • Production of control switchboards, heavy-current and technology wiring system
  • Programming and debugging of control software for the installed equipment (SIEMENS, PROMOS, Amit, Sauter, ifm electronic and other systems).
  • Complete supplies and installation of dispatching workstations for remote monitoring and control


Our company provides servicing of mainly following devices:

  • Servicing of PLC’s such as SIEMENS, AMIT, IFM Electronic including sw. configuration
  • Various instruments and closed-loop controllers adjustments
  • Verification of all types of sensors (temperature sensors, pressure sensors etc.)
  • Periodic calibration of heat meters with and repair
  • Rod, lever or mixing valve actuator repair


A wide range of assembly materials, devices, sensors and components in the cabinet is kept in stock to meet very short delivery. Sale of this product assortment at reasonable prices is also provided.