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Control cabinet production

We produce control cabinets (switchboards, switchgear) for technological processes control with control systems installed (for industrial or single-purpose machines, industrial automation, measurement and control of various applications) and low-voltage control cabinets.


We are able to produce low-voltage control cabinets according to a previously provided technical documentation. We also offer the possibility to prepare the project documentation by our engineering department.

Control cabinet production and warehouse is located in Býšť.

Control cabinet layout and equipment:

  • Steel sheet, stainless steel or plastic material for control cabinets case is used, always according customer’s request.
  • The cabinets and distribution boards are equipped with apparatus according to a project documentation and customer request from domestic and foreign producers.
  • Cabling and networking equipment is kept in plastic ducts.
  • ČSN EN standards are followed when mounting the cabinet. There is a dispatch note for each switchboard where schedule of production and mounting procedure is documented.
  • For clarity and diagnosis without the project documentation available the wires in the terminals and the apparatus terminals are marked with directional signs.

Customer receives the unit-test protocol for each cabinet including the EC-declaration of conformity.