PLC and ECU programming 2017-05-30T10:14:26+00:00

PLC and ECU programming

Industrial control systems such as SIEMENS Simatic, PROMOS, AMiT, ifm electronic can be programmed by our specialized staff according to your needs. Supervisory centers a.k.a. SCADA systems is also possible to create meeting your specific demands.


One of our main activities is the programming of control systems (PLCs). It consists of an application program development in an environment of the respective control system, implementation of the program to the PLC, setting and testing program for the implementation and the possible implementation of supervisory/dispatching center upon customer’s request.

We specialize mainly in the software development for control systems such as Siemens, ifm electronic, AS-interface, PROMOS, Amit. We are able to program other systems as required by implementation, though.

Design and development of control systems software is subject to quality system ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009. When programming we assume the technology described in the project documentation, personal findings and practical experience in technology control, other equipment conditions or according to the wishes and requirements of customer.

Regarding the visualization for supervisory centres we specialize in the environment of Siemens WinCC, Alcor ControlWeb and TirsWeb.